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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Conputational FLuid Dynamics (CFD) deals with numerical solutions of problem of Fluid Dynamics. CFD can be used for both internal flow analysis, flow in duct pipe etc..., and external anslysi, flow past a rigid body or flexible body. In the following two summary of possible application are listed from previous consulting experience.

Internal Flow

Analysis of the data obtained from a pick up is of high relevance in the design phase.

3D Pressure distribution The CFD allows the determination of the velocity and pressure fields inside a duct assuming inflow boundary condition. At right is reported the velocity field in a connection duct for flow aspiration
Flow TraceThe determination of the velocity field allow for the determination of the particle trajectory for the optimization of pick up positioning
Pressure Field for 3D collector The CFD model allows foe easy testing of different for example changing the position of the pick up device

Rotatory Flow

Another well established field of analysis is the optimization of rotatory device such as turbine, compressor or house appliance application like extractor fan the example reported hereafter.

Velocity field in an extractor fan The CFD allow for the determination of the flow induced by the blade motion. In this way it is possible to determine the velocity field for a better optimization of the blade geometry.
Pressure field in a extractor fanIn the same time the deermination of the induced presssure field allows to determine the overeall performance of the extractor fan.

-- RobertoBernetti - 02 Jun 2005

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