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Finite Element Method

Static Structural Analysis

The application of the Finite Element Method to Static Structural Analysis is one of the most widespread use of the FEM in all branch of industry. Following there are two example of applications. My experience range from soil-structure interaction analysis to large deformation matiarial non-linearities, as hyperelasticity, for rubber like material analysis.

soil-structure interaction

Mesh serbatoio In this case the interaction of a structure with the supporting soil is modelled considering the contact non-linarities and the soil stratification
Signa equivalenti serbatoio The method allows for a complete determination of the stress in the structure
Spostamenti terrenoand in the supporting soil taking into account the effects due to the variation of the contact area

Dynamic Structural Analysis

The last problem I'm dealing with is the defect simulation in layered composite material in dynamic load condition. The model tries to reproduce the complete physical behaviour, describing in a full 3D model the interaction between the various layers and the bonding materrial.

Shear stress in composite beam The simulation allows for the reproduction of the laboratory test condition
Shear stress in composite beam 2nd instant the analysis show the effect of the delamination in the surface displacements and in the stress concentration and their variation as a function of the time

-- RobertoBernetti - 01 Jun 2005

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